What to Expect: A Dating Profile Pic Session

January 15, 2017 Dating, Jersey City

It’s been a warm winter, but we don’t want you left out in the cold this Valentine’s Day! With today’s short attention span on mobile dating apps, your picture is what helps make a love connection with your potential soulmate. Let’s pretty up your online image with a dating profile pic session that can help you be lucky in love!

I’ve never heard of getting dating profile pix before, what is it? Our dating profile pic packages range from one hour ($250) to two hours ($350). Our goal is to help you identify two to three locations where you normally hang out and probably take selfies. We direct you and light you so that you look natural, comfortable and organically your beautiful self. We send you 20 images so that you can select 3 or 4 to compliment the photos you currently have so people will swipe, YES DEFINITELY! 

I have plenty of selfies, why is this something I need to invest in? Gorgeous photos of you give you that boost of confidence you need to crush it on any dating site. Guys, no one is impressed with photos you take from a low angle in the driver’s seat. Also, we won’t let you post something where you’re giving the middle finger, potentially confusing masculine with terrifying. Your body language says a lot, and we can help you communicate the right message. While the art of the selfie is admirable, let us take over the hard work of holding the camera so you can focus on being the best side of you. We want you to fall in love!

Why wouldn’t I just use my headshot? Headshots are for LinkedIN and should be calling cards for employers. In that sense, your headshot highlights a professional side of you that doesn’t necessarily translate into the subjective and sexy world of dating. You want to go out dancing with a potential crush, not negotiate a contract. Are you fun, adventurous, sensitive, open? Let’s photograph you in the environments you enjoy. It brings a lot more to the table than a sterile background and shows that you took the time to share who you are.

Why do I need 20 photos? We want you to find what you’re looking for immediately, but sometimes it takes a while to find your twin flame. If, for example, you choose the 2 hour package and that allows us to go to 3 different locations, you can mix and match the photos without repeating on multiple sites. A catalog of 20 images also allows you, and encourages you, to update your profile after a couple of months. 


Should I get a professional make over? A make over is up to you. We could argue that you are investing in your love life, and so it makes sense to get your hair done a couple of days before for men AND women. Women, while keeping it simple, you should just use enough make-up to accent your beautiful self. Don’t camouflage who you are. Here are some insights and inspiration from some of our favorite artists Jenni Shaw and Stacie Ford.

More questions? Ready to make an appointment? Either way, contact us at 551-200-7364 OR email us at info@honeyandmoonphotography.com, and we will set up a consultation to talk about your specific needs.