Engaging Engagement Photos!

August 28, 2015 Advice

Scott and Julie contacted us about their engagement photos back in December of 2014. They sent us an example of the style they wanted, saying they wanted something in the essence of “Wes Anderson”. We had two phone consultations where we brainstormed locations, clothes, and outfits.

One of our fun engagement photos!

The only fish in the sea.


After we were able to clarify exactly what they wanted, we solidified a strategy that would allow us to take photos of Julie outside in the snow as quickly as possible.


Solid planning left us prepared to fight off any snow ninjas we might encounter!

After the shoot, Julie and Scott selected 6 images to use as postcards to send out as wedding invitations. Even more fun, at their wedding, they had the postcards laid out on a table where guests could fill them out and then put them in a postcard rack, much like the ones you see in souvenir shops. This idea was so great on so many levels, but really reflected their love of travel. I could imagine them being somewhere and selecting postcards together to cherish their special moments. Great idea guys! We are so thrilled that our images helped make this happen!