Online Dating Profile Photos

We all know with online dating sites, image is everything. It doesn’t matter how many shelter dogs you’ve saved or what non-profit you are the head of, or what books you are reading, if you don’t have great online dating profile photos, you get a swipe left in less time than it takes to say “I love Kurt Vonnegut AND Kurt Cobain.”

Guys, we’re not sure what you’re doing with the unassuming photos in the driver’s seat. What are you trying to say? That you have no DUI? That you have a car? Ladies, it has been scientifically proven that exactly .0001% of the female population can take a selfie that communicates, “Confident, successful and sexy.” .0001%.

Honey and Moon Photography to the rescue! We want you to fall in love! That’s why we offer online dating profile pix photo sessions!

What are online dating profile photos? Organic, natural photos of you that bring out your inner hottie.

How does it work? You call us at 551-200-7364 or email us at and say, “Hey! I’m looking to find my soul mate!” or “Hey! I totally want to have the one-night stand of a life time!” or something like that. We chat and discuss what type of looks you are going for. We set up a time and a couple of looks to take portraits of you for online dating platforms. We can go to a park. We can go to a bar. We can go near. We can go far, but only a little bit. Travel restrictions apply.

What happens next? You upload the photos to your online dating site, filled with renewed confidence and vigor. You are liked and swiped right like crazy! You go on dates! You have great sex! You fall in love! You call us to photograph your engagement Save The Date Photos.

Wow that sounds great! You know what’s even better? In addition to our 2 hour package with 20 images for $300, we are now offering a one hour photo session (consultation phone call is still included) with 20 retouched images for $200! For more info call 551-200-7364 or email us at!