Testimonial: Aki and Dan

December 8, 2014 Testimonials

Dan and I planned a small friends-only ceremony at City Hall and then a wonderful reception dinner at my favorite restaurant in West Village. We did not want to have your “typical” traditional wedding, so we asked all our guests to dress up as if they were attending a wedding from the 1920′s. When we were dating, Dan took me to so many dates where the 20’s was the theme e.g. Speakeasy’s, underground burlesque shows and experiencing the classic cocktails of the era. We wanted to reflect our dating relationship and fun we shared so we invited our closest 22 friends to our special day.

Tracey and Eric truly captured our passion for the 20’s and our essence as a couple. As the proud couple we were, we and our guest paraded through NYC, as we made our way to the dinner. Feeling like we were Queen and King of the city, this team really connected with our vision of our perfect wedding.

Aki and Dan gave us a testimonial from their walking wedding!

Tracey came with us about a month before the wedding to help us devise a route from City Hall to the Mandarin Hotel and from the Hotel to the restaurant. She also worked with the Mandarin Hotel to boom the secret speakeasy called Club H (picture below). That pit stop along the way was one out most memorable moments as we took pictures and stop for beer and fries.

Because they knew exactly where we were going, Tracey and Eric were able to capture every moment and every detail.

The men from a wedding party

I was so happy when I got the photos! We took the photos detailing every part of our special day and made a beautiful picture book. This wedding was truly unique from start to finish and it took a special team to really capture those moments that will always be etched in our memory. Thank you Tracey and Eric for your professionalism, creativity and ability to make us laugh at the right time. You guys can make anyone at ease!!!

-AKS, Jersey City

Aki and Dan wearing 20s style clothes.

Thanks for this testimonial Aki and Dan! We had a blast photographing your unique and unforgettable wedding!