Summer Loving, Happy at Last! The Honey and Moon Guide to Finding Love in Jersey City

June 9, 2016 Dating, Jersey City

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But wait, there’s more! We’ve compiled a guide, by no means exhaustive, of some of the hot spots in Jersey City where you can grab a drink and woo some hotties! Listed in alphabetical order, these bars all offer something special either to find the love of your life or have a first date that sweeps someone off their feet!

The Archer: Fine dining for booze.

“This is a good ‘meeting for conversation’ bar,” explained Kent Baker who owns the Archer along with his wife Jen Scott and friend Jesse Weeks. “It seems like people are coupled up when they come in.” It’s no surprise, The Archer is a perfect place to catch up with old friends or make some memories on a first date. High backed booths give you privacy, and a bar area populated with people who come with friends to enjoy a good cocktail make the atmosphere open and friendly. There are no televisions, and the music is at a respectable level, making The Archer a perfect place for intimate conversation.

Part of the charm of The Archer is its perfection in execution of concept. A lodgy atmosphere that lends itself to comfort and almost immediate familiarity, there’s no denying The Archer is for people who like high end classic cocktails. But tantalizing small plates that play on typical bar grub with locally sourced game meat (elk meatballs or venison cheese steak anyone?) can easily fool you into thinking it’s a restaurant when actually, the food compliments the liquor, not the other way around.

“We probably have the best line up in most whiskeys of anyone in Jersey City, and we’re probably in the top 5 in New Jersey, so if people are connoisseurs of whiskey or know craft cocktails, that’s what we focus on,” said Kent.

Lincoln Park Swizzle

Lincoln Park Swizzle

All of the cocktails at The Archer echo the attention to detail that’s evident in every facet of this bar. Their liquor program is directed by Natalie Jacob from Dutch Kills in Long Island, and their rotating beer menu can transport you to another time and space. “We try to find 6 wildly original beers from sours to goses (pronounced go-saz) that you can come in and try,” said Kent. What to order if you want to impress someone? The Lincoln Park Swizzle, made with white apple brandy, lime, and cinnamon syrup, tastes amazing, looks great, and is refreshing for those hot summer nights.

Don’t be intimidated if you’re not sure about the difference between rye and bourbon. “Everyone who works here can direct people towards a different cocktail, everyone is super knowledgeable,” said Jen Baker. For those hunting for a high end experience to impress a first date and see if they share your great taste, The Archer hits the bull’s eye.

The Archer
176 Newark Ave
(201) 309-1090

Barcade: Easy, laid back, and loud.

One of the only times you should be playing games in your relationship is at Barcade. This cavernous bar on Newark Avenue offers 24 American made craft beers on tap with one cask engine to satisfy anyone’s palate. Loud music and 48 arcade games offer a pleasant and possibly competitive distraction from awkward conversation could occur when trying to meet that cutie pie at the end of the bar.

If you’re looking for a potential suitor, patrons of Barcade range from 21 years old to 60 years old, from neurosurgeons to tattoo artists. With such a wide range of people, what unifies their clientele?

“The people who come here come for us because they want to have fun,” explained Drew Horne, the general manager. “Barcade is about FUN. It’s about having a great beer and enjoying the classic arcade games…I’ve heard people say, you can see the meddle of your date when you play a video game with them,” he added. “You can see how they are, you play a game of Ms. PacMan and see whether they’re carefree or they get too intense about it, if they’re a sore loser.”

Truly, it is all fun and games at Barcade. In the morning, managers play through all the games every single day to make sure the buttons are working and the marquis light up. Ever mindful of their carbon footprint, Barcade offers only craft beers made in America, with a focus on privately-owned local breweries. Beers are only served on tap, eliminating the potential for tons of bottles.

“To be fair, we have plenty of intellectuals here who hang out and talk but still they’ll get up and they’ll play NBA Jam,” said Drew. “The games bring a different level of interaction that you don’t find in other bars.”

Ms. Pac Man and Frogger plus delicious beer are proven recipes for romantic success. Many of Barcade’s regulars met there and later got married. Horne himself has seen about 4 proposals at the bar. Only a few weeks before this interview in May 2016, a couple who had met there held their wedding inside. “This place is a huge blind date or first date spot, because you don’t have to worry about if you’re done talking and you get nervous,” explained Drew. “It’s like, ‘Let’s go play some games!’

Kow Lime Pie: A light, sweet beer at 4.9%, anyone can enjoy!

Kow Lime Pie: A light, sweet beer at 4.9%, anyone can enjoy!


To turn on the charm, Horne recommends sending that sweetie a Kow Lime Pie, brewed locally from Balero Snort right in Bergen County. Brewed with vanilla beans and key limes Drew recommends it for beer aficionados and those who might prefer a Blue Moon. “It’s light enough, it’s sweet enough…it’s one of those beers that crosses a lot of paths.”

Delicious beer, games and great music? When it comes to meeting the potential love of your life, Barcade is a game changer.

Barcade Jersey City
163 Newark Ave

Cherry’s Lounge: Family-oriented, community based and lively.

A long standing fixture in the Greenville community, Cherry’s Lounge is the legit old school. Established in 1980 by Leroy H. Cherry, his grandson, Jersey City fire fighter Anthony Sharperson, has taken the reins since 2007. Long involved in the community and with a brunch featuring salmon, coconut rice and whiting, there’s almost too much to list about why Cherry’s might be the home of your new shorty. Fortunately, you can download the Cherry’s Lounge App and get all the information you need about upcoming events, photos from past events, and their lunch, dinner and brunch menu.

“It’s like ‘Cheers’ here actually,” said Tangie Farley, a bartender at Cherry’s on and off over the last 20 years. “When you get here, it takes like 10 minutes to come in because you have to say hello, you have to give every body a kiss on the cheek.”

A local bar with a rich Jersey City history, teachers, fire fighters, and police officers come during the week. But on the weekends, Cherry’s attracts folks from Newark and Montclair to dance the night away and let loose. Now that it’s summer, you can lock eyes across the backyard patio over a cold beer and a juicy burger.

Dancing is the universal language of love and Cherry’s offers a variety of music all through the week: House music on Wednesdays, Hip Hop on Thursdays, and a variety of music through out the weekend featuring DJ Wiz.

This delicious and powerful cocktail is perfect for a hot summer night.

This delicious and powerful cocktail is perfect for a hot summer night.

Coming to Cherry’s for the first time? Introducing yourself is key. “I had a co-worker who came here one day. He said, ‘I came to see you, I think the music stopped!'” laughed Tangie. “Everybody is looking because they don’t know you. That’s just Cherry’s, that’s just how we do. The second time, everybody’s talking to you, everybody knows you, believe me.”

Meeting someone special and want to catch their attention? One of the bartenders, Melinda, suggests her own creation, the Hennessy Pina Colada. “It tastes delicious, but it sneaks up on you,” she warns. She asked one of the gentleman at the bar, “If you sent this drink to a lady you wanted to meet, what is the message you would be sending?” “Meet me in the bathroom in 10 minutes!” he said, and we all started laughing. Because at Cherry’s, that’s how we do.

Cherry’s Lounge
102 MLK Drive

The Citizen: A Real Rock and Roll Experience.

The name of the bar, The Citizen, is in reference to “Citizen Kane,” a 1941 film classic about a newspaper tycoon, who, according to Dino Abella, one of the owners of The Citizen, “did whatever it took to win, using his money from the newspaper to influence how people thought.” He laughs, “I guess we’re trying to influence how people think.” After pausing for a second, he adds, “It’s about being a citizen of Jersey City, not just someone who lives here or a part of the populace.” After only one visit here, you’ll want to do your civic duty and come back again and again.

The Citizen is a live rock and roll venue Thursday, Friday and Saturday, cultivating a legitimate Jersey City scene inclusive of punk, indie, metal, and rock. Tuesday night is open mic night and local musicians come to jam together, “It’s really nice,” says Dino, “the looseness of everything.” As soon as you walk in, you’re greeted by smiley and warm Deja Schraemiil, who has crafted the bar to reflect what the patrons want to drink. “If I get enough people asking for something, I’ll order it,” she said. The original idea of that bar was to feature whiskey bar, so there’s already a wide range of whiskeys and bourbons to satisfy anyone’s palate.

The menu is clever and delicious and features ridiculously affordable treats like a Bahn Mi Veggie Dog or a Chimichurri Meatloaf Sandwich. The offerings were collectively conceived by the owners and feature the four food groups (hot dogs, fries, chicken tenders and sandwiches) with heavenly additions of Sriracha, kimchi or bacon.

Since they opened in November of 2015, The Citizen has become one nation under rock. “Most of the regulars who hang out here are from local bands who have played here,” said Deja, listing bands like Desir Desir, Thee Money $hot, Beninghove’s Hangmen, Shayfer James among others.

“Aside from the musicians, are your professional people, brokers and lawyers, like the execs,” added Dino. “It’s getting weirder and weirder who’s hanging out here.” Brokers and execs need love too, and besides the great music, it must be the friendly and open atmosphere at The Citizen that keeps them coming. While Deja is slinging drinks, you’ll find Dino either at the door or taking pictures of the bands while they play.

“We want to know our customers,” said Dino. “We engage people.” If you’re looking to get engaged, you’ll find the magic trifecta of “smart, pretty people who like good music” at the bar. How to approach the rock to your roll?

The beginning of a fun night.

The beginning of a fun night.

“Be yourself and the person who chose this place because of what it is. That way you know the other person is here for the same reason you are,” offers Dino. “We don’t get a lot of pretentiousness here. It’s pretty much just regular people, and that’s a hard thing to say in Jersey City.”

Eying your Joey Ramone at the end of the bar? Deja recommends the Moscow Mule. “I think people like the copper cup,” she smiles, “but it’s a neutral drink. A guy can drink it, a girl can drink it.”

“If you sent me a Moscow Mule, I would think: This is the beginning of a fun night,” added Dino.

The Citizen
322 Second St.

The Corkscrew: Diverse, interesting, easy going.

Nervous about going out and meeting people? Open up at The Corkscrew in The Heights. As soon as you walk in the door, you feel right at home, and that goes for everybody. “You never know what you’re going to get in here,” laughed owner Euceph Brown. “The crowd is so diverse; you have yuppies, blue collar guys, school teachers, older people, younger people, gay people, straight people, there are always people to talk to.” The Corkscrew offers specialty cocktails, 18 beers on tap, and all the standard drinks you can think of, so no one goes thirsty!

Their menu offers something for everyone, from succulent pulled pork to a buffalo chicken pizza, although, the chicken and waffles served at brunch is a local celebrity. Being able to offer a wide array of drinks and dishes is key to what successfully draws such a professionally, racially, sexually diverse crowed to this neighborhood bar in The Heights. But, it’s also the openness of the people that keep folks coming back.

“Everyone fits right in,” explained Brown. “People don’t feel alienated.”

This neighborhood bar hosts events during the week that make it easier to break the ice with your twin flame over in the corner. During the week, serenade that special someone or croon about a broken heart at Wednesday night Karaoke. Strut your stuff on Saturday nights at “Ladies Night” from 10 pm to close. DJ JamRock spins sounds that will get you on the floor, aiding and abetting your game with $5 martinis.

Come look over the horizon of this Vineyard Sunset with your new, true love.

Come look over the horizon of this Vineyard Sunset with your new, true love.

The Corkscrew has a history of true love. Before the renovation of The Corkscrew over a year ago, the bar was covered with coins shellacked in the wood. “A couple of Union City teachers met here and got engaged here,” explained Brown. “When they got married, during the renovation, I cut out a piece of the old bartop and gave it to them as a wedding present.”

Brown’s advice for those looking for love? “Be casual. Start out with casual conversation, you’re not going to walk in and tell someone, ‘I”m looking for someone,” he said. “Everyone knows your name here from the first time and diversity is key.”

When ordering someone a drink, Brown suggests the Vineyard Sunset: Rye bourbon, lemon juice, cinnamon simple syrup (say that three times fast), and a floater of red wine. When asked why he suggested this cocktail he responded: “You read the ingredients and you don’t know how it works, but it’s the perfect blended drink, how all the flavors come together.” Wow, a perfect metaphor for your next perfect love? Come find your perfect blend of unlikely matches at the Corkscrew!

The Corkscrew
61 Congress Street

Dull Boy: Cool, creative, neighborhood-y.

John Waters is quoted as saying, “If you go home with somebody, and they don’t have books, don’t fuck ’em!”
The same principal could apply, inversely, to people who go to bars with books in them. So that’s the first good sign. Secondly, Dull Boy was mentioned as one of the best 18 bars to drink at in America in Esquire Magazine in May of 2016, so men who go there will most likely know how to read.

Inspired by “The Shining,” Dull Boy is a local bar during the week, but signature cocktails and music attract all types from all over New Jersey to this speakeasy. “We play a lot of 90’s hip hop,” explained Gabriel Reiben the cocktail meister. “People come to us for that. But throughout the week, we also play jazz, we have a nice mix of everything”

Besides the literary prowess of the crowd at Dull Boy, Reiben says the folks who hang out there are very outgoing, making it a great place to meet the love of your life. “That’s what I like about this place,” he said. “You go to some place in New York, and it’s one type of person. Here, everyone is outgoing, very open, and very friendly. When looking for that special someone, you may find a designer, a wall street executive, an artist, people in fashion, the cool kids from the neighborhood, it’s very mixed.”

Reiben’s global travels from Europe to Australia to South East Asia inspire the drink menu. “I get inspiration from the regional food,” he explained. “I like to smell stuff, test spice, that’s how I start to make a cocktail.” He declares his love for all of them like a proud father, but singles out The Employee as one of his favorites. “It’s a bourbon base with a liquid smoke, that they use for barbecue. It’s got very sweet balance, but it’s like drinking a southern barbecue.”

The cocktail menu does not disappoint. Ten of the drinks are classic cocktails, ten are signature cocktails created by Reiben and inspired from women characters or ships in books. For example, The Rachel from “Moby Dick.” Or, The Yoko from her book, “The Grapefruit.”

The Scout, a great drink to send to your new favorite character.

If you’ve made eye contact with the sexy literati at the bar and want to take it to the first chapter, Reiben suggests sending them “The Scout,” named after our fearless protagonist in “To Kill a Mockingbird.” It’s a bourbon based drink with fresh blackberries and according to Reiben, some one loves it so much they tattooed the recipe with a drawing of “The Scout” on their arm.

According to Reiben, sending The Scout shows your love interest that you read the cocktail list, you know about drinks, and you took the time to choose something. “It means something when you send a cocktail, it’s not a shot or a vodka drink. It’s not just a one night stand.

Reiben’s advice for meeting someone special? “Sit at the bar,” he suggests. “All the bartenders are very nice, they always introduce people and make connections, even if it’s just to make friends.”

Dull Boy
364 Grove Street


Latin Lounge: Fun, Diverse, Energetic.

The Latin Lounge is the place to be for sensual salsa on the weekends. Since a complete bar renovation 8 months ago, the open, welcoming space provides enough room for you to perfect your copa. “A lot can happen here,” said bartender Nicole Hernandez. “Once the drinks start flowing, you’ll want to get up and dance!”

This luscious Sangria will get your blood flowing on the dance floor!

This luscious Sangria will get your blood flowing on the dance floor!

You’ll find a wide array of people, from all age groups who love salsa, bachata, and meringue. On Wednesday nights, bring your best Mark Anthony for karaoke. Thursday night, come hungry for love and grub for the free barbecue buffet, happy hour from 4 to 7 pm. On the weekends, Latin Lounge becomes Jersey City’s own salsa club with folks moving their hips to Hector Lavoe and El Gran Combo among other Puerto Rican greats.

What type of vibe can you find at the Latin Lounge? “People come together and it turns into a family really quick,” explained Nicole. “Most of the time you don’t know anybody, but right away you become friends.” If you’re terrible at initiating conversation, the generous, outgoing crowd at the Latin Lounge has got you covered. “Everybody comes in here and wants to have a conversation,” said Nicole.

Nicole’s recommendation for a drink to get the party started is the sangria. “It’s very fruity. It’s made with merlot, blackberry brandy, fresh apples, and oranges.”

The best way to meet someone? It’s muy facile, “Smile. That’s about it, you don’t have to do much here,” she laughs, “they’ll probably come to you!”

Latin Lounge
371 2nd Street

LITM: Eclectic, friendly, artsy. 

At LITM, you’ll find a unique, neighborhood vibe where the staff and owners truly cherish the legacy of artists in downtown Jersey City. With the recent demolition of 58 Gallery, LITM, is one of the few places left as a testament to how much Jersey City has grown as an artistic community. “We’ve been the bar to hang out at if you’re an artist,” said Assistant Manager Tiffany DiGiacomo. “Any artist who’s lived in JC for any span of time has most likely had a piece of art in here.”

An art bar since it opened in 2003, LITM hosts a monthly art show, curated by the illustrious Andrea Morin since 2007. “I love being able to help artists get their work in front of the public eye,” she said. “And being able to introduce our customers to all the amazing talent that surrounds us in Jersey City!” Past shows have featured local artists like Beth Achenbach, Norm Kirby, Kayt HesterJohn Fathom and Nyugen Smith, to name a few! Gallery openings are always the first Tuesday of every month, and the public is invited to see the art and talk with the artist giving singles a great opportunity to meet other like minded individuals who like drinking and looking at fancy things.

When you’re looking for love, every day is a different vibe, although the Love Is The Message all week long. Beginning with a Sunday afternoon lip sync competition from 4 pm to 7 pm, you might fall in love with someone’s inner Elton John. “You can learn a lot about someone,” said Tiffany referring to the competition. “How much they like to ham it up, how social they are, if they like drag queens and purple boas…You can have a nice Sunday brunch with your mom and dad and then come hang out with drag queens at LITM.”

The bar and menu offer something for everyone, from strong whiskey based drinks to something sweet and fruity, from appetizers to share or a full meal after a long day.

LITM has a created a legacy of love over the last 13 years, and the bar has hosted several weddings. “People have gotten down on their knees and proposed at the table,” said Tiffany. One of their bartenders met his wife there, and now they are happily in love making art in Jersey City. “If you meet someone at the bar, you can move to the dining room for more intimate conversation,” she said. “It’s a safe place. I’ve seen one of the bartenders walk someone home just to make sure she got home safe. Our staff goes above and beyond, so it’s a safe place to meet someone.”

The Honey Bee leaves a sweet sting!

When you’re ready to make that move from the bar to the dining room, Tiffany suggests sending a Honey Bee, made with Bulleit bourbon, honey and some bitters. “It appeals to the whiskey drinker, and I’ve noticed Jersey City loves it’s whiskey,” said Tiffany. “But it also appeals to people who tend to like sweeter things. It’s a general crowd pleaser.”

Final advice for meeting your muse? “It’s a casual environment, it’s not going to be this awkward thing, maybe it doesn’t work out and you just made a new friend. Either way, there’s not a lot of pressure here,” said Tiffany. “LITM is very eclectic, very open, everyone’s welcome, come on in!”

140 Newark Avenue

O’Leary’s Publik House: Relaxed, comfortable, fun.

If your love life is in need of rescue, look no further than O’Leary’s Publik House. Owned by Jersey City fire fighter Kevin Hennessey, you can find EMT’s, police and fire fighters at the bar or munching on a delicious, juicy cheese burger any day during the week. Yum to both. Although, the delicious food and local feel attract patrons beyond those who protect and serve. “There’s no such thing as a typical night here,” laughs Hennessy, “What you might have on a Saturday is totally different from a Friday.”

Hennessey created O’Leary’s, named after the tale of Mrs. O’Leary, her cow, and the Great Chicago Fire as a place he would want to eat and drink at. “I like to go out with my wife and my friends and have a couple of drinks and grab a meal and not get banged over the head to do it,” he explained. “Yeah I spend a couple of dollars, but still have some money in my pocket when I leave, and know that I had a good time.”


Strong and potent. Like an epic Irish tale of love.

You’ll know that you had a good time at O’Leary’s Publik House because you’ll keep coming back. This the old neighborhood bar folks go to to catch the game and catch up with friends. “Maybe run into a couple of people you don’t know & converse,” Hennessey added. “One of the things I’ve seen here is different people talking to different people. People are making friends here.”

If you’re looking for a love built on solid traditions like a three-pour Guinness, pastrami, and laughter, then O’Leary’s is the place to find it. Chefs Dennis Newman and Mike Kerman take great pride in their work, and get creative with daily specials that will appease your palate and fill your tummy. The huge backyard with plenty of seating makes a perfect spot to initiate conversation with someone.

“We’re an old school neighborhood type bar with a new school type of feel,” says Hennessey. “A lot of new people have been coming in, but by the second, third or fourth time, they’re not new people any more.”

The atmosphere at the bar is very outgoing and very relaxed, and the bartenders are always messing with everybody, so by the end of the night people migrate from one end of the bar to the other. And it’s a very long bar.

Hennessey suggests sending that flame a shot of The Knot. “It’s tasty and it’s potent,” he laughs. “I’m Irish.” Advice for those looking for love? “Let your guard down, relax, be yourself…don’t worry about what people think about you.” That’s exactly what is going to happen after one shot of The Knot. Good on ya!

O’Leary’s Publik House
788 Garfield Ave

Rolon’s Keyhole Bar: Friendly, old school, genuine. 

“Laughter goes on all the time, laughter is always going on in this place and I promote it,” says Rey Rolon, owner of the historic Keyhole bar. His dad, Chris Rolon opened the bar at it’s current location in 1971, and they’ve been going strong ever since. “Levity makes the place a whole lot friendlier and I try to keep it here. It’s something my dad did. ‘Keep the beers cold, keep everyone happy,’ he would say. ‘And always keep Jameson on hand.'” Jameson and cold beer flow freely for $3 a pop, so even for those a little down on your luck, you can buy a whole bunch of drinks for people and still look like a boss.

The circular bar in the center let’s you stand basically anywhere and surreptitiously survey the joint for hotties, while the juke box, which is always on, provides a wide selection of music from every genre. “Most of the people who come here know each other, and they meet up here, and it’s such a friendly thing.” The Keyhole exudes friendliness, emanating from their bar staff of rock star locals, including Jenique, lead singer of Thee Money $hot all the way to Rey, who will shake your hand and say “dios te bendiga” as you leave for the night. “I come in here with a positive attitude because I know good people who are here, waiting for me to show up. I come in they go, ‘Yo, you’re late! You’re fired!'”

A long standing fixture in the community, Rey was one of the judges for our first #DayIntheLifeJC community photo project and the Keyhole is the home where Chelo and Sirena fell back in love. Rey rattles off the names of other couples that have met at the Keyhole over the years. “Ricardo and his wife, Meg, they met here back in the day at the Waterbug. They have three children now.”

People who come here love it. What’s the key to their longstanding success? “It’s a regular place, there’s nothing fancy about it,” says Rey. “It is what it is, it’s just a regular little bar that works.”Jameson, The Nectar of the Gods

What potential lovers can you lock down at The Keyhole? “The regular blue collar folks,” says Rey. “Skate boarders, musicians, and servers are the three main types of people. You want a professional who wants to talk about accounting, and stuff like that you’re not going to find that here. There’s no bankers, no stock brokers.”

In honor of tradition, Rey suggests sending someone a shot of Jameson. “It’s the nectar of the gods,” he says.

Advice for opening the door to conversation with a love interest? “You have to interact with other people. When you see something going on, when other people are goofing around,” he said. “The regulars will take you in, they invite you in to their conversation, and you met three new people, and you’re talking about the music that was on.”

Rolon’s Keyhole Bar
242 Bay Street

Transmission: Lush, friendly and fun.

Walk into Transmission and you are mesmerized by the striking interior; the mirrored bath tub, the textiles on vintage furniture, and the the table top paintings. “Then once you spill your drink on one of the gorgeous tables, you realize, ‘I’m just having fun, and oh, I can get on top of the piano and take a selfie?'” laughed Genevieve Hewitt, general manager. “And I will encourage you to get on top of the piano and take a picture of you at your best angle.”

When Genevieve and owner Howard Brunner conceived of Transmission, which began sharing their signal on July 9, 2015, it was just the old A&PT warehouse. Rather than dress it up, they decided to leave the space raw and incorporate the luxurious furniture and the grand piano. “There can be luxury in something that is stark,” said Genevieve. “I think that’s what people love. I think it makes people want to walk in like James Bond or Pussy Galore. You do want to walk around swilling a martini glass.”

They landed on the name Transmission after they started listening to TVC 15 by David Bowie with the line, “transition, transmission.” Genevieve explored and expanded on the definitions of transmission. “We want to transmit feeling, to experience the sound, experience the light.” she explained. “That’s what we want to do. To transmit that energy of good feelings and good times, and being surrounded by like-minded people.”

The lounge area in the front with a diamond shaped bar surrounding a mirrored bath tub is elegant without being intimidating. The openness of the lounge affords space for conversation with a friend or a group of friends without being pushed and prodded. We utilized both spaces in March for our Love to Love Ya Baby event, and we saw more than a couple of people not leave alone!

“This place becomes an escape,” said Genevieve. “To just go somewhere where you can sit and chill or get up and dance and it’s not a programmed night out. You don’t know what’s going to happen.” Transmission has a wide range of events, from markets, to dj’s to live performances. “You don’t have to fit into this cookie cutter to be here. We don’t care about age, or how you look, as long as you look like the best version of yourself.”

This transmits gorgeous flavors of cilantro and jalqpeńo right to your mouth!

This transmits gorgeous flavors of cilantro and jalapeńo right to your mouth!

The lounge area is a precursor to the club room, so patrons aren’t smacked in the face with a sound system as soon as they walk in the door. “The club room is your release room,” explained Genevieve. “It’s a little bit darker, it’s where you dance it out. Everyone’s doing their best Alvin Ailey’s, leaping across the room. You can always refresh and return to the lounge area to have a conversation if you meet someone special,” she offered.

While you’re out in the lounge, you can enjoy and impress with some tasty pop rock shrimp ceviche with a mango, strawberry, red onion relish or just kick back with some Jersey City Street Tots, topped with cheddar cheese, scallions and chipotle aioli.

Genevieve suggests sending someone the T1 when making first contact. “They’ll definitely look up and pay attention to you,” she laughs. “It’s got a little spice, a little tang, it puts a little zip in your life.” What message are sending? “It’s definitely a conversation starter,” she says. “It shows that intention: I’d really like to get to know you.”

150 Bay St.
201 963 4565

So, here’s 12 opportunities for romance. We wish you the best on your journey and would love to hear about any success stories! And remember, finding true love is truly one of the most phenomenal aspects of being alive, why not cover all your bases? Spruce up your online dating profile with some portraits that showcase the best side of you! For more info, call 551-200-7364 or email us at