Why Hire a Professional Wedding Photographer

August 28, 2015 Advice

Your wedding day is the day you celebrate the beginning of your new life with your soulmate. It’s a day you share with family and friends, reuniting relatives who may not have seen each other for 10 years. A day your parents have been waiting for. A day that seems to get more and more expensive each second that you plan. The cost of the perfect venue and the delicious food and the open bar and the beautiful flowers and just seem to pile on top of each other, with no end in sight. 

Too often we see a new couple trying to save money by hiring the least expensive photographer or asking a friend to take pictures at their wedding. It breaks our heart to see a couple pour tens of thousands of dollars into a wedding and not have a beautiful and complete record of that day.

We want you to avoid that mistake. Here are 9 reasons you’ll love your wedding photos from Honey and Moon Photography!

1. The wedding photos are the only record of your special day that you will have in 25 years. After the cake, the flowers, and the honeymoon, the photos are the only thing you can look back on. Honey and Moon Photography creates customized packages for each wedding, but even our most elaborate packages are economical when you consider you are paying for something you will have for a lifetime.

2. The day goes by in the blink of an eye. After all your planning, you’re swept away by all the excitement and the next thing you know, you’re waking up and running off for your honeymoon! We make sure you have the most special moments to keep forever. After looking over her wedding photos, one of our clients remarked, “I’m so happy I have them. I remember the conversations I was having when these were taken.”

3. Don’t “just want” anything. Don’t “just want” photos of the ceremony. Don’t “just want” to hire a photographer for a couple of hours. Want portraits with your parents, your parents’ parents and other important family members and friends. Want a beautiful picture of that cake before you cut it up. Want relatives holding their babies, youngsters shaking it on the dance floor, and your best friends dressed to the nines. We want you to have those photos!

4. You get what you pay for. We invest time and energy into perfecting our craft. Our experience lends us a sense of timing to anticipate moments before they happen. Honey and Moon Photography is not done with your wedding once you are off on your honeymoon, we are editing and retouching to give you the most comprehensive and beautiful documentation of the day. We take pride in offering you expertly composed photographs that tell your story. 

5. Everyone should be in the moment. You are creating a special day to share with the ones you love. It’s a day to experience together. An aunt or uncle snapping away on their phone during the ceremony are either engaged in making sure they are taking the pictures and missing the moment or taking not-so-great pictures while trying to pay attention to what’s going on. You cannot be in the moment and recording the moment simultaneously. Let us take the pictures you can share with your family for years to come!

6. You are our top priority. Honey and Moon Photography is always here to answer your questions, and we work with you from our first conversation until the photos are in your hand to ensure that we can photograph your wedding flawlessly and beautifully. Additionally, our customized packages don’t place cookie-cutter formulas on your unique experience.

7. “My cousin has a DSLR.” Just because Cousin Jimmy has a camera, doesn’t mean he knows how to use it (no offense cousin Jimmy!). Switching in between interior and exterior lighting, shooting without being intrusive, shooting groups of people, and being creative are skills acquired after years of practice and education. And remember, in a digital world, all it takes is one faulty push of a button to erase all your photographs. You don’t want Cousin Jimmy learning how to be a photographer at your wedding!

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8. Your family shouldn’t be working at your wedding. Taking a good photograph takes planning. When we are shooting, our eyes are open, we are focused on the event, constantly looking to capture the moment Aunt Rita hugs Uncle Don or your adorable 3 year-old niece shakes her booty on the dance floor.

9. Your friends shouldn’t be working at your wedding. The average cost to attend a wedding these days isn’t cheap. The cost of travel, a hotel, a gift, and possibly even a new dress or suit can exceed $400. You can’t expect your friends to spend money to come celebrate and then work! More than that, your friends are a part of your special day, you want them participating! While leaving disposable cameras on the tables or having your friends’ Instagrams of the day can be a fun addition to a substantial body of wedding photos, neither of these methods can substitute for a wedding photographer with experience.

We should be working your wedding. Your wedding is a special day when multiple generations of family and friends from near and far come together. People who live in other countries, people who may not ordinarily travel long distances travel that day for you. This is an incredibly rare and unique set of factors that bring a rare and unique combination of family and friends together. And we love shooting weddings! We begin with learning a little bit about you and the love of your life to begin customizing a wedding package just for you.

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